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Writer? Author?

So when does someone who is writing a fiction work, become a writer? author?

For me it is a writer until one gets published – then it is an author. So, as a writer – let’s writerOne day

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Setting Intention

  1. Go to Creative Dream Circle
  2. Get inspired to be creative – listen to videos, watch Andrea Schroeder create
  3. Start drawing, creating calligraphic words to represent my feelings today
  4. Look for a common goal, dream, idea
  5. Use color! glitter! sparkle!

Now love myself. Create a good space for me, mentally and spiritually. Plan to retreat to this space daily.  Look for the essence of my dream to focus on every day. Is there a color? Is there a sound? Is there an image?

What is the heart and soul of my dream? Look for the smoothest, most natural way to make all things happen.

My Artist
My Artist
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I am what I am. I don’t need to produce anything to prove it.


In starting the James Patterson Masterclass, I picked up the book Honeymoon by James Patterson. He uses this novel as the reference for his classes. I started to read it and was immediately caught up in the fast paced, sharp writing that is JP’s style. Short, brief chapters. Lots of action. Startling reveals as the characters meet new characters. Wow. This is why I am taking this course.

I am spoon feeding my characters to my readers. I lay out too much detail and leave nothing for them to discover or relate to for themselves. I am saying too much!

In the past, the volume of the writing was the goal. It wasn’t necessarily the quality of my writing, but rather the quantity that I focused on. After all, if I am a writer, I should have lots of writing. This is parallel to my quilting. If I am a quilter, then I have to have multiple works in progress and finished quilts to show for it. I am hard at work doing exactly that right now.

So as of today, I have a new mantra.   I am what I am. I don’t need to produce anything to prove it.

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Creative Emergence – September 2015

I have subscribed to Creative Emergence with Andrea Schroeder for the month of September. This is a free 30 day journaling event where Andrea helps you focus your intentions and dreams. Since I have made a number of changes this school year, I felt this was a great supplement.  Some of the changes I have made are:  1) one year personal leave from teaching at CNC, 2) signed up for 2 courses at CNC:  Literature and Composition and also Composition and Style, 3) committed myself to write my book (or two) before next spring, 4) signed up for James Patterson’s Masterclass. With all the education and learning happening, I wanted to ensure I stay on focus with my dreams and goals. That is where Creative Emergence with Andrea Schroeder comes in.

I recently finished The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. This was an amazing course where he taught the 9 factors in creating, maintaining and sharing motivation. This was perfect for refocusing on my writing. Keeping the motivation going day after day, is tough and more so for the solitary writer. I am still following Brendon in his High Performance Academy presentation. All are to help balance the writer and the my life. Having a tendency to throw myself in too deep and give up too soon (burn out), I hope these new personality and spirituality leaders will help me balance the next year.

So if I tend to regularly post here again, it will be thanks to my “team” of experts and motivational speakers, that I have gathered about me. Now to source a personal team of draft readers and editors. . .

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My Personal Divinity – Part 2

Last year I posted about my Archetypes and how I feel they impact my life and my spirit. Believe me when I say that I do not believe Archetypes to be a religion, but rather a tool to connect or reconnect with my divinity. Part of that reconnect, is the discovery of “Why am I here?” “What is my divine contract?”

Once you remove the outer shell that I share with everyone, what is left when I am home alone, in front of the fire, sipping my wine. In that quiet moment in time – who am I?

To discover/uncover my Archetypes, I used my past youth as a guide to avoid the pitfalls of “learned behaviours”, I studied and agonized over my selection of Archetypal identities, I sat in silence and introspection, all to come up with a list that seemed reasonable. I was then privileged to attend a marvelous Archetype Workshop in 2013 in my home town of Quesnel. Janice Butler and Corinne Nikish invited up to 10 couples or individuals to Janice’s home where through a marvelous weekend (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday), where we all were invited to share, participate and step up to meet the Archetypes.

I will not go in to detail. Just know that this weekend was AMAZING! Not only did I meet my Archetypes, but others in the group could help me see past my “selfish ways” and “insecurities” to see my truth. My Archetypes stepped forward into the light for me to acknowledge and pay homage to MYSELF! But, it doesn’t end there. This is a beginning. For me, it was the start of a promise to be true to me, to show my truth, to live my truth. (Ok, so for those of faith – is that religion? For me, no. That is faith!)

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My first child’s book review



This was a cute read. I believe some of the words would be a challenge for new readers, and would recommend the book for parents and older siblings to read to the preschool child.

The book recognizes the reality in today’s world, where one of the parents works away from the home and is not available at bedtime for the traditional bedtime kisses. This is a harsh truth for many families today. I can only imagine the impact of this book in a family where one parent is serving in the military overseas.

Unfortunately, the book will be released only in the US, however, the book may be purchased by Canadians directly through the website.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

Oh yea! I agree 100% with everything in this article! - Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews

8 Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

It’s no secret that I love fountain pens. They’re my preferred writing instrument of choice, and not without good reason. Check out the eight reasons below on what I think the best benefits are of using a fountain pen.  If you’re already a fountain pen enthusiast, share the list to help convert your friends!

Monteverde Invincia Stealth Fountain Pen 1. Smoother Writing Experience

Fountain pens are capable of being some of the smoothest writing instruments out there. There are few other pen-to-paper experiences that are like a fountain pen. It’s hard to explain until you try it, jump in with a starter fountain pen and some nice paper and never look back.

Why You Should Write With A Fountain Pen-22. Limitless Ink Colors

Well, technically there are a few limits, but there are way more fountain pen ink colors available than your standard ballpoint or gel pen. There are many brands of ink out…

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Summer’s End

Absolutely love this picture. I am drawn in, and in, and in.

Tigerbrite's Blog


Witches’ New Year,

on Sabbat of Samhain,

the harvest complete.


Lord of the shadows

and Lady of darkness

watch the flames rising.


Drawing back the veil

the crone whispers between worlds

to honour spirits


Images form

within her skrying glass

reflecting strange light.


A divination

to reveal the energy

of the year ahead.


Samhain is Irish for ‘Summer’s end’.


When the wheel of the year

Is full circle, witches honour

The sprits of the dead

Celebrating the festival of



Prompt WITCH from Haiku Heights

and shared with dVerse.


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