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MiracleMonday – TRUTH #1: ONLY GOD IS REAL. All separation is illusion.

A Course In Miracles – Made Easy

(Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love)

By Alan Cohen

TRUTH #1:  ONLY GOD IS REAL. All separation is illusion.

How I feel about that today:

Strangely, I have never doubted that God is real or that He exists for me. As a child, I loved Sunday School and was very upset when my family stopped attending church when I was 12. I have always felt I could go to God, and sit at His feet and love and be loved. When heartsick or feeling battered by life, I could picture myself at His feet in adoration. I could feel His hand stroking my head, and feel His love soothe me.

Although I moved away from man’s church at different times in my life, I never felt that God wasn’t there for me. I felt guilty from time to time, that I appeared to turn my back on Him. But I knew He was there, and still is – loving me as I am. Why – because I am a part of Him and He is a part of me.

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Fabulous Fridays and New Beginnings

ccc3Friday used to be TGIF days when I worked, but now that I am retired, why do Fridays feel so special? I go for walks every day at the campsite (still there most days till October 1). I am busy with my sewing, journaling, drawing, etc. But somehow Thursday comes around and my heart speeds up thinking, “Tomorrow is Friday. Oh boy!”

Will this feeling ever stop? Like the first week of September is “back to school” days. I went to Staples and bought new supplies for me for “school”. LOL. Yup, I bought some new notebooks, pens, pencils, a new pencil case. And, I was super excited all through my shopping. When I realized that my daughter felt the same way I did,  knew I couldn’t steal a grandchild and go shopping, like I used to do. Now mu daughter does that fun shopping. But I did ok this year.

So maybe when I turn 65, I won’t feel the Friday rush, and the back to school excitement. Or maybe I am just always going to love the excitement of the end of the week and the beginning of the school year. Oh well. I do enjoy the ride.


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A Good Day vs A Bad Day

So what makes today a good day and yesterday was a bad day???

I have tried to decide but there is only one common denominator in bad days and that is my house. Not a good sign. The days I stay at home and don’t get out at all – not even into the backyard, are usually bad days. I mentally and emotionally shut down. I am not looking for social contact. When I go out it may include going for a drive. I don’t need to stop in anywhere, but if I do go for lunch or dinner that usually takes my good day to a great day. But, my house is like an anchor around me neck, pulling me down, down, down.

So   . . .  I have no plans to change houses. I did go out and buy new light fixtures for my house. The rooms I use for my creativity activities, I bought new lights for. Now I am angry at my husband for not installing them. (He did originally agree to do so.)

I tried sewing in my sew room and with the light on, my UV light in front of me, and my sewing machine light on, I still could not “see” my ironing board, my cutting board, or my hand sewing. Not good.

I have new lights for my “office” where I journal. With it being too dark by 3:30 to use any ambient light, I need my new light installed.

Can I believe that light will make the difference? It has to.

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How does your mind work?

BrainFor the second time in my adult life, I have been accused of having a brain with ADD. Because my mind tends to never stop, and work overtime to see patterns and groups of colors, names, styles everywhere, 2 ladies that I admire and look up to have said that they think I must have Attention Deficit Disorder.

My observation to each of these ladies was that when I come to a stop at a red light, I immediately look around and usually see that there is a majority of white or black vehicles. I notice if the licence plates are all BC. I usually note if there is only one person in each vehicle, and if there are car seats or children. By the time the light turns green, I have also noted the environment and if there are any changes in the buildings nearby or pedestrians (wonder where they are off to)?

I assumed that all women have brains like this. Some males do too, but usually I hear of other women who “multi-task” in their heads. So . . . the question is . . . does your brain go fast and do you “analyse” or group things whenever you are free to let your mind wander?

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Setting Intention

  1. Go to Creative Dream Circle
  2. Get inspired to be creative – listen to videos, watch Andrea Schroeder create
  3. Start drawing, creating calligraphic words to represent my feelings today
  4. Look for a common goal, dream, idea
  5. Use color! glitter! sparkle!

Now love myself. Create a good space for me, mentally and spiritually. Plan to retreat to this space daily.  Look for the essence of my dream to focus on every day. Is there a color? Is there a sound? Is there an image?

What is the heart and soul of my dream? Look for the smoothest, most natural way to make all things happen.

My Artist
My Artist
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8 Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

Oh yea! I agree 100% with everything in this article! - Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews

8 Reasons Why You Should Write With a Fountain Pen

It’s no secret that I love fountain pens. They’re my preferred writing instrument of choice, and not without good reason. Check out the eight reasons below on what I think the best benefits are of using a fountain pen.  If you’re already a fountain pen enthusiast, share the list to help convert your friends!

Monteverde Invincia Stealth Fountain Pen 1. Smoother Writing Experience

Fountain pens are capable of being some of the smoothest writing instruments out there. There are few other pen-to-paper experiences that are like a fountain pen. It’s hard to explain until you try it, jump in with a starter fountain pen and some nice paper and never look back.

Why You Should Write With A Fountain Pen-22. Limitless Ink Colors

Well, technically there are a few limits, but there are way more fountain pen ink colors available than your standard ballpoint or gel pen. There are many brands of ink out…

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Summer’s End

Absolutely love this picture. I am drawn in, and in, and in.

Tigerbrite's Blog


Witches’ New Year,

on Sabbat of Samhain,

the harvest complete.


Lord of the shadows

and Lady of darkness

watch the flames rising.


Drawing back the veil

the crone whispers between worlds

to honour spirits


Images form

within her skrying glass

reflecting strange light.


A divination

to reveal the energy

of the year ahead.


Samhain is Irish for ‘Summer’s end’.


When the wheel of the year

Is full circle, witches honour

The sprits of the dead

Celebrating the festival of



Prompt WITCH from Haiku Heights

and shared with dVerse.


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