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12 Days of Yule

I was inspired by Molly Roberts – HerSpeak on YouTube and Facebook to consider the celebration of Samhain. She encouraged her followers to use the twelve days before December 21 (the winter solstice – shortest day) to explore their creativity and consider the down time of the year. This is a brief summary, but if you want to learn more of the history behind the 12 Ghosts of Yule, here is one of many possible:  The Gothic Embrace:

So here is my take on plans for the 12 Days of Yule, starting on December 9th, 2017.

I plan on focusing on spirit. I will use my creativity to write, journal or draw the thoughts that come to mind with each day’s prompt.

I will use Molly Roberts’ hashtag #12days of yule to track my days.

If I fall behind, I will do a catch up if I get in the spirit.

Quick and easy.

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Journaling . . .

I used to love art journaling – stamping, drawing, coloring, pasting, etc. on my journal page. I still love to do that but I only seem to do it in my mind. Now I a
m wondering if I can add my artful journal to my digital journal. Has anyone done this successfully?

I follow a number of photo blogs where the artist uses photography as a medium for journaling. I also follow others where journalists take a picture of their hand done art work on a page. So let’s try this. . .
Ok, this is very dissatisfying . . . I may have to work out of word press and then post here as a picture. Hmmmm