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12 Days of Yule

I was inspired by Molly Roberts – HerSpeak on YouTube and Facebook to consider the celebration of Samhain. She encouraged her followers to use the twelve days before December 21 (the winter solstice – shortest day) to explore their creativity and consider the down time of the year. This is a brief summary, but if you want to learn more of the history behind the 12 Ghosts of Yule, here is one of many possible:  The Gothic Embrace:

So here is my take on plans for the 12 Days of Yule, starting on December 9th, 2017.

I plan on focusing on spirit. I will use my creativity to write, journal or draw the thoughts that come to mind with each day’s prompt.

I will use Molly Roberts’ hashtag #12days of yule to track my days.

If I fall behind, I will do a catch up if I get in the spirit.

Quick and easy.

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This year I am 64…

Forward Planning:

So most people make resolutions and goals on January 1st each year. As I have aged I have found that my birthday marks a special time for me. Considering next year will be the big “65″, I am making my intentions for the next 12 months now.

Writing Intentions:

Heading forward into November NaNoWriMo with dedication to finish my 2014 novel.

  • Connect with other dedicated writers
  • Re-read my novel and drop the mid-action change to the remote retreat
  • Brainstorm the crisis point and options to redevelop the events
  • Creating a story board to the point of change

October – research plot change options

Personal Development:

  • Journaling
  • Art Journaling
  • Planners
  • Walking (daily)
  • Eating better meals (homemade)

Financial Planning:

  • No spend weeks
  • Tracking utilities and regular costs
  • Saving goals
  • Trackers – weekly
  • Pay down all debt

Loved ones:

  • Mindfulness – moment by moment
  • Capture those special times by camera
  • Write letters
  • Spend time with each person when the option arises
  • Document every special time
  • Say “I love you” every day


So this is just the general ideas of a very happy 64 year old on her birthday. Dinner with family, drinks and time with plans for a renovated office space, and that makes for great birthday celebration. Thanks for joining


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Miracle Monday – Truth #2 You are an extension and expression of God.

TRUTH #2:  You are an extension and expression of God. Everything God is, you are. Everything God is not, you are not. God is love and only love, and so are you.

How I feel about that today:

I need to keep reminding myself of this. There are times of insecurity when I wonder if I have value – these are the times I tend to turn away from God. In my heart I know I am pure love. I feel I can live his life of love now, more than any other time in my life. As a Grandma, I feel stronger and more confident in my true nature. I feel I have less to prove and more to share. I feel more at peace every day. My peace is coming from inside of me, instead of from a Church or minister’s sermon.  I look for synchronicity every day, an indication that I am walking my true path.

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MiracleMonday – TRUTH #1: ONLY GOD IS REAL. All separation is illusion.

A Course In Miracles – Made Easy

(Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love)

By Alan Cohen

TRUTH #1:  ONLY GOD IS REAL. All separation is illusion.

How I feel about that today:

Strangely, I have never doubted that God is real or that He exists for me. As a child, I loved Sunday School and was very upset when my family stopped attending church when I was 12. I have always felt I could go to God, and sit at His feet and love and be loved. When heartsick or feeling battered by life, I could picture myself at His feet in adoration. I could feel His hand stroking my head, and feel His love soothe me.

Although I moved away from man’s church at different times in my life, I never felt that God wasn’t there for me. I felt guilty from time to time, that I appeared to turn my back on Him. But I knew He was there, and still is – loving me as I am. Why – because I am a part of Him and He is a part of me.

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A Course In Miracles – Made Easy

Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love

By Alan Cohen

I have considered studying A Course in Miracles by Dr. Helen Schucman and Dr. Bill Thetford, for years. I have friends who have not only read the material, but practice it every day. These friends I consider spiritual mentors and wonders in today’s world.

When visiting my local bookstore recently, I found this book:

Image result for a course in miracles made easy

Now anything that is made easy sounds very appealing to me, since I am a “let’s get it done quick” kinda girl. So for $15.99 I bought it. What a great deal! Having gone through it from start to finish (another of my foibles), I have to state it was my favourite buy in a long time. Yes, it started out rather slow, and after the first 3 chapters, I wondered why I was reading it. Then my world opened up. I started to write quotes that touched me in the moment. Soon I was writing quotes and paragraphs of self discovery. I then went to title pages and journaling all day to discover what the writing said to ME that day.

Now in no way would I attempt to tell you what this books says. I truly believe that its message, similar to the original text, is to be read by your heart. Let your spirit soar in celebration of new and renewed ideas. Enjoy every day of reading, and be sure to take your time to let each day’s message swell within you. I believe you could read this book many times and get new messages every time. The sign of a true work of the spirit.

At the end of the book, Alan Cohen, lists 14 things as “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about ACIM but Didn’t Want to Have to Read the Whole Course to Find Out”. Although I believe there were many different things to draw from the book (for me), I will be spending the next 14 Mondays sharing those truths with you. Let’s call them my Miracle Mondays! Please join me as I continue to grow from this amazing book.

(Disclaimer: All quoted text is from Alan Cohen. In his book A Course in Miracles – Made Easy, he references his material thoroughly for your additional clarification. I am not selling anything. I am no reaping any benefits from sharing this material. I do not propose Christianity, Paganism, Witchery, Buddhism or any other faith. I believe this material transcends the limits of human religion and falls clearly on The Universe!)

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Journaling . . .

I used to love art journaling – stamping, drawing, coloring, pasting, etc. on my journal page. I still love to do that but I only seem to do it in my mind. Now I a
m wondering if I can add my artful journal to my digital journal. Has anyone done this successfully?

I follow a number of photo blogs where the artist uses photography as a medium for journaling. I also follow others where journalists take a picture of their hand done art work on a page. So let’s try this. . .
Ok, this is very dissatisfying . . . I may have to work out of word press and then post here as a picture. Hmmmm

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I am what I am. I don’t need to produce anything to prove it.


In starting the James Patterson Masterclass, I picked up the book Honeymoon by James Patterson. He uses this novel as the reference for his classes. I started to read it and was immediately caught up in the fast paced, sharp writing that is JP’s style. Short, brief chapters. Lots of action. Startling reveals as the characters meet new characters. Wow. This is why I am taking this course.

I am spoon feeding my characters to my readers. I lay out too much detail and leave nothing for them to discover or relate to for themselves. I am saying too much!

In the past, the volume of the writing was the goal. It wasn’t necessarily the quality of my writing, but rather the quantity that I focused on. After all, if I am a writer, I should have lots of writing. This is parallel to my quilting. If I am a quilter, then I have to have multiple works in progress and finished quilts to show for it. I am hard at work doing exactly that right now.

So as of today, I have a new mantra.   I am what I am. I don’t need to produce anything to prove it.

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Creative Emergence – September 2015

I have subscribed to Creative Emergence with Andrea Schroeder for the month of September. This is a free 30 day journaling event where Andrea helps you focus your intentions and dreams. Since I have made a number of changes this school year, I felt this was a great supplement.  Some of the changes I have made are:  1) one year personal leave from teaching at CNC, 2) signed up for 2 courses at CNC:  Literature and Composition and also Composition and Style, 3) committed myself to write my book (or two) before next spring, 4) signed up for James Patterson’s Masterclass. With all the education and learning happening, I wanted to ensure I stay on focus with my dreams and goals. That is where Creative Emergence with Andrea Schroeder comes in.

I recently finished The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. This was an amazing course where he taught the 9 factors in creating, maintaining and sharing motivation. This was perfect for refocusing on my writing. Keeping the motivation going day after day, is tough and more so for the solitary writer. I am still following Brendon in his High Performance Academy presentation. All are to help balance the writer and the my life. Having a tendency to throw myself in too deep and give up too soon (burn out), I hope these new personality and spirituality leaders will help me balance the next year.

So if I tend to regularly post here again, it will be thanks to my “team” of experts and motivational speakers, that I have gathered about me. Now to source a personal team of draft readers and editors. . .

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My Personal Divinity – Part 2

Last year I posted about my Archetypes and how I feel they impact my life and my spirit. Believe me when I say that I do not believe Archetypes to be a religion, but rather a tool to connect or reconnect with my divinity. Part of that reconnect, is the discovery of “Why am I here?” “What is my divine contract?”

Once you remove the outer shell that I share with everyone, what is left when I am home alone, in front of the fire, sipping my wine. In that quiet moment in time – who am I?

To discover/uncover my Archetypes, I used my past youth as a guide to avoid the pitfalls of “learned behaviours”, I studied and agonized over my selection of Archetypal identities, I sat in silence and introspection, all to come up with a list that seemed reasonable. I was then privileged to attend a marvelous Archetype Workshop in 2013 in my home town of Quesnel. Janice Butler and Corinne Nikish invited up to 10 couples or individuals to Janice’s home where through a marvelous weekend (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday), where we all were invited to share, participate and step up to meet the Archetypes.

I will not go in to detail. Just know that this weekend was AMAZING! Not only did I meet my Archetypes, but others in the group could help me see past my “selfish ways” and “insecurities” to see my truth. My Archetypes stepped forward into the light for me to acknowledge and pay homage to MYSELF! But, it doesn’t end there. This is a beginning. For me, it was the start of a promise to be true to me, to show my truth, to live my truth. (Ok, so for those of faith – is that religion? For me, no. That is faith!)