What defines me?

IMG_0082As my site is now 2 years old, I have updated my “me” page. LOL  I hope you continue to visit.

I am a 58  60year old woman with 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren in a happy marriage with a fantastic man who supports me in everything I do. I have a post secondary technical degree in accounting that has allowed me to be my husband’s right hand in his accounting practice and to open my own bookkeeping business alongside his professional practice. This year I sold my practice to my daughter and good friend, who are continuing on the tradition of offering quality bookkeeping and essential support to small and large businesses. This makes me officially “retired”.

I teach at the local College. I used to teach university transfer classes in accounting, but I have found my new calling in teaching a 3 month course, upgrading MS Office skills and bookkeeping skills for people looking to upgrade or change their careers.

I live in a small city in north central BC, 8 hours from Vancouver, the heart of BC. I have my own home and 2 dogs, an English golden retriever a short haired and a long haired miniature dachshunds.

I am bright, organized and confident.

I have a strong faith in spite of having poor attendance at our local church. Over the past year or so, I have developed a strong sense of spirit. I feel deeply and love to share my truth of love, joy and abundance with others.  I believe in “Connecting with Divinity”, a beautiful series of classes where I get to share life’s beauty and changes with other ladies in spirit.  Our “fearless leader” has guided our passage through minefields unique and yet somehow common to each of us. I am so blessed!

I have few really found many good close friends during the last year, and my grown children are still my best friends.

I have been accused of wearing rose colored glasses when it comes to people. I do hope this is true.

I am a half-full kind of gal.

I am also a budding writer, artist and scrapbooker.

If that hasn’t scared you away  . . . welcome! Enjoy your stay!


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