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My Personal Divinity – Part 2

Last year I posted about my Archetypes and how I feel they impact my life and my spirit. Believe me when I say that I do not believe Archetypes to be a religion, but rather a tool to connect or reconnect with my divinity. Part of that reconnect, is the discovery of “Why am I here?” “What is my divine contract?”

Once you remove the outer shell that I share with everyone, what is left when I am home alone, in front of the fire, sipping my wine. In that quiet moment in time – who am I?

To discover/uncover my Archetypes, I used my past youth as a guide to avoid the pitfalls of “learned behaviours”, I studied and agonized over my selection of Archetypal identities, I sat in silence and introspection, all to come up with a list that seemed reasonable. I was then privileged to attend a marvelous Archetype Workshop in 2013 in my home town of Quesnel. Janice Butler and Corinne Nikish invited up to 10 couples or individuals to Janice’s home where through a marvelous weekend (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday), where we all were invited to share, participate and step up to meet the Archetypes.

I will not go in to detail. Just know that this weekend was AMAZING! Not only did I meet my Archetypes, but others in the group could help me see past my “selfish ways” and “insecurities” to see my truth. My Archetypes stepped forward into the light for me to acknowledge and pay homage to MYSELF! But, it doesn’t end there. This is a beginning. For me, it was the start of a promise to be true to me, to show my truth, to live my truth. (Ok, so for those of faith – is that religion? For me, no. That is faith!)



I am an aspiring writer coming into my writing career later in life. As an accomplished entrepreneur, wife, mother and grandmother, I bring a wealth of experiences to my writing. Loving challenges and change, I embrace this new path with my custom focus and involvement, starting with research and education. Believing that you can never stop learning has kept me young and fresh throughout my life. This new venture is no exception.

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