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GYDW – Lesson Three


What feels uncomfortable about naming and claiming your dream? Write out all the things that come to mind.
What do you need to do about it to feel comfortable? What needs to change?

My dream is:  to believe I am enough every day.

Deep down I believe this to be true – especially when I am alone in my trailer at a camp site. For some reason, my hermit has the strength to silence any “nay-sayers” in my head when I am removed from my everyday life and “escaping”. When I am back in the city with all the usual life demands, I cannot silence the negative energy in my head.

So what is that negative energy? What does it look like? What is it saying?

  • If you believed you are God’s Child, why do you not take care of yourself better?
  • If you believe you are enough, then why don’t you do more a) around the house, b) for others, c) to make your husband feel pampered, d) for your community, and e) for yourself?
  • If you really believed, you wouldn’t be full of doubt and negative self talk.
  • If you were enough, wouldn’t you know it?

During the brief meditation, I could see my dream in my hands. It was almost transparent, like a huge soft bubble. It was strong walled and almost pearlescent (hope that is a word, lol). Although we were to hold our dreams in our hands, I felt there were sections if my dream bubble that would not “rest” in my hands. These bits were slightly grey in color and radiated cooler air. As I looked more closely, these areas were the negative energy. There were not many of these spots, but they seemed to radiant right to the centre of my dream bubble. When I journaled them above, they became clearer to the eye and sharper. It was at this point that my Mom came into my space and hovered around me.

I lost my Mom 17 years ago in April, and she has been visiting me for the last few weeks. I believe she is bringing my spirit guide closer to me and I have been resistant in the past. She comes to me in my dreams, my day, my every moment. So far, I have sensed a resistance in myself just when I feel the acceptance and clarity in my heart. My mind closes down at that special moment. I expect this is part of the negative energy that is blocking my dream. It would make sense that Mom would be here to bring more light and clarity to this situation.

I was able to pull my dream closer to my heart, but the resistance stopped me from truly taking my dream into my heart. Andrea Schroeder says to repeat this lesson until my dream is fully embraced in my heart. Obviously this will take another meditation.

Blessings to me and to you.


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I am an aspiring writer coming into my writing career later in life. As an accomplished entrepreneur, wife, mother and grandmother, I bring a wealth of experiences to my writing. Loving challenges and change, I embrace this new path with my custom focus and involvement, starting with research and education. Believing that you can never stop learning has kept me young and fresh throughout my life. This new venture is no exception.

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