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Romance or love?

My first date with my husband was to be dinner and a movie. We got to the dinner, but after laughing and talking for over 2 hours, we missed the movie. Fate? I think so. It meant that he had to invite me out to a second date that was movie first and dinner after. Hmmm – that worked.  The movie of choice in 1977 was “A Star is Born” starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. To this day – to this night – I am still in love with my “date” and the movie.

I created an art journal of the movie and the various songs I love. I have loved Barbra forever. Kris Kristofferson is amazing – even today his voice reminds me of my Dad and the “talking/singing” sound of their songs. So I wonder what my husband (then date) remembers of that second date – movie? Did I cry at the end, in the middle, or at all? I have never been a crier, so chances are, if I did cry, I hid it well.

I just downloaded the movie and watched it again. Wow! I started crying about a third of the way into it, and never stopped. The ending where Barbra is singing the song he created in their home and then his song . . . ok, I admit it .  . . I actually sobbed a bit.  Being a composed and mature woman, this emotional response is so outside who I should be that I don’t really know what to do with her/me.

I do believe in fate and love. I do believe in starcrossed lovers. I do believe in romance.

I have been married 37 years. I am married to a “numbers” guy. I do have 4 children, but romance? No dancing, no singing, yes, there has been dining, and candlelight, but usually on my part and my partner has said “Can we turn up the lights?”. Very little romance there.

Does this mean I am unhappy – absolutely not. I am loved deeply and, yes, even cherished. I do not doubt for a moment that my husband is in love with me. When he brings me home flowers, I am surprised and grateful. No, it doesn’t happen all the time, which makes it even more special. I am grateful for the time to grow old together. The time to love each other and mature in grace and peace. Could I use more romance – probably not. Romance usually brings with it angst – turmoil. There is usually great pain with great romance. I am in this for the long haul – many more years together in joy and bliss.

Yup – this is my life and I love it! Give me love over romance every day.



I am an aspiring writer coming into my writing career later in life. As an accomplished entrepreneur, wife, mother and grandmother, I bring a wealth of experiences to my writing. Loving challenges and change, I embrace this new path with my custom focus and involvement, starting with research and education. Believing that you can never stop learning has kept me young and fresh throughout my life. This new venture is no exception.

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