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Partylite Party Today

PartylightI had an amazing afternoon sharing beautiful things with beautiful ladies. I can’t believe I have gone 4 years without a Partylite party! Since I use candles and Scentsy “melters” daily, I have pretty well exhausted my supply of candles. I did find two old green boxes of Partylite from about 10 years ago – LOL! I love having a candle burning! Partylite now has wooden wicks in some of their glass jars so that you get the “crackle” from the wicks. I also recently purchased their water fountain with candle that is “tinkling” away in the background right now. Bliss – Pure Bliss!

If you want to order online my party is open till tomorrow at 4pm, or just go online and shop the clearance items – great buys!

Partylite website with rep: Angela LaRiviere

This is my rep – Angela LaRiviere. Enjoy friends.



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